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 Botanical  Name: Pachycormus  discolor Coville 

 A.K.A (Common Name): Copalquin, Palo Sarito
For nausea and vomiting; with fever and great weakness; for water retention and kidney weakness that accompanies lingering illnesses.   Copalquin bark is used as a  febrifuge and anti-malarial remedy in many parts of Mexico;  Copalquin bark is harvested from the Alamos  region, made into capsules in Navojoa and sold commercially, and it is  like-wise harvested in many other parts of Mexico.
Known as “Amargo” because of the bitter flavor, the tea is drunk as a purgative  for intestinal parasites, as an energy tonic, and to “restore the blood”, and  reduce fevers. This tea is often used when the seasons change from hot to cool  weather.
Copalquin bark is made into a wash to  lower fevers. Copalquin bark is also added to  Suwí-ki as a fermentation catalyst. Bark is utilized to reduce fevers, malaria,  gastro-intestinal problems, blood purifier.