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Epazote De Zorrillo 16 oz


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Botanical Name: Chenopodium anthelmintium
A.K.A (Common Name): Herba Chenopodii

Unattractive, unnoticeable, ignored and overlooked Common Ragweed is found from Canada down to Brazil. It spills a quarter of  a billion tons of pollen into the air each season.  Through the years, Common Ragweed has had some medicinal uses. The Cheyenne Indians treated bowel cramps with ragweed tea, while the Nanticoke used it as a laxative and to treat intestinal parasites. The Delaware used ragweed as a poultice to prevent blood poisoning, while Native Americans in Utah used a leaf tea on bandages for sore eyes.  In Mexico, it had been use for menstruation and as a brain tonic.  

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