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Botanical Name: Mentha pulegium
A.K.A (Common Names): European Pennyroyal/ American Pennyroyal

The Indians of North America taught the white settlers how to use the leaves of Pennyroyal.  It will repel insects by rubbing the leaves into the skin.  The Chickasaws soaked the plant in water and placed it on the forehead to relieve itchy and watery eyes.  The Mohicans drank Pennyroyal tea to soothe the stomach and the Katawbas used the herb to relieve colds.

Pennyroyal has been used for delayed menstruation.  In feverish conditions, Pennyroyal has a noticeable, increased beneficial effect due to its diaphoretic and stimulant properties.  It is most effective when used as a vapour bath.  It is also effective for gas, intestinal spasms, colic, pain and restlessness in children.  It has been used to purify water and  in times past, it was hung in the sleeping room to induce sleep and retard insects.

The oil of Pennyroyal is an abortifacient by its abilities to irritate the kidneys and bladder during excretion and exciting uterine contractions reflexively.  The oil is also known to be a CNS depressant.  It has been used for spasms and hysteria.

  • Pennyroyal is a spicy smelling herb that promotes perspiration in colds and flu.  Pennyroyal aids in expelling intestinal gas.  It has a sedative, calming effects on the nerves.

  • Pennyroyal is useful in lung problems, helps with toothaches brings on perspiration allowing for improved circulation, is helpful in skin diseases and has had good results in gout.
CAUTION: Avoid during pregnancy in first two trimesters, as it can cause an abortion, but may be used in final (5) weeks.

Pennyroyal also helps with: Bronchitis, Childbirth, Colds, Colic, Cramps, Female Problems, Fevers, Gas, Lung Infections, Promotes Menstruation, Nerves, Promotes Perspiration, Induces Sweating.