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Gloria Lerma

Gloria Lerma Biography

Born in Tijuana, B.C. Mexico. Came to the United States at age 12. Settled with her family in the Los Angeles area.

Gloria grew up loving herbs because of her mother and grandmother. They instilled the importance of using herbs for healing and wellness from the beginning of her childhood. Gloria remained with this strong influence as she began to raise her children (she even insisted on a drug-free natural child birth - somewhat of a new concept in the 60s).

In the late 60s and early 70s, Gloria was one of the very few Latino mothers in East Los Angeles who raised her children with the freshest and healthiest of diets. She was adamant about cooking all of her meals from scratch; baking whole wheat bread, homemade tortillas, everything that was natural (evening looking for the organic).
As she raised her kids, they experience Gloria's Natural apothecary medicine cabinet. With her knowledge of natural and traditional remedies from Mexico, she made sure her children were in the best health possible. To this day, she proudly talks about how she had the healthiest of kids based on her knowledge and use of herbs, vitamins, minerals and natural foods.

After she raised her children, Gloria continued to practice her herbalism with her family. In 2007, she decided that she wanted to help people with her detail knowledge of herbs. She decided to join Herbs of Mexico in East Los Angeles, a leading health and wellness retailer. Today, she is the company's lead natural product advisor and continues to teach clients and the public about the traditional benefits of Latino health and wellness.

Gloria Lerma