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How to Prepare and Use Herbs

* Do not use aluminum utensils to prepare your herb tea. Use only stainless steel, glass (Pyrex) or earthenware.
* Use approximately thee quivalent of one teaspoon of herb to every cup of water (fresh herbs may need more than one teaspoon).
* Do not use white sugar or artificial sweeteners. Use honey or raw sugar if you want to sweeten. 

INFUSION - The most common way of preparing herbs. The usual amount is a teaspoon of leaves, blossoms or flowers to a cup of boiling water. The water is poured over the herb; then steeped for 3 to 5 minutes. Strain before using. Honey may be added to taste.

DECOCTION - To extract the deeper essences from harder or coarser herbs such as stems,barks, and roots. The herbs are usually simmered uncovered for 10 to 20 minutes until 1/3 of the water has decreased through evaporation. Strain before using.

STEEP - Recommended preparation for fresh herbs. Heat herb in water until it reaches a full boil. Turn down heat, let cool, strain, and drink.

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